We use a team approach to focus on your family

We believe the Dream work is in the Team work,

Let’s start at the beginning.

  • LifeSource Experience™

    The LifeSource Experience™ puts you in touch with your underlying values and priorities that form the basis for making smart decisions about money. We call this step the “Gift of Clarity.”
    Whether or not you choose to work with us, you will definitely gain insight into what’s important when you need to make choices about money. You’ll get clarity on your goals and perspective on where you are today, relative to where you want to be for the rest of your life.

  • Your Foundation

    Perhaps you’re one of those organized types who has every important document in a color coded folder available at your finger tips. Bravo. We envy you. If that’s not the case, we can assist in getting together everything that is needed for a comprehensive look at where you stand.

  • LifeStream™ Designers

    We’re going to pore over your documents and replay our conversations several times in order to be sure we have captured the essence of what is important to you and how we can get it done. We’ll start using a team of experts at this point. Our team is chosen from Financial Planners, Money Managers, Financial Safety/Insurance Experts, Tax and Business Accountants and Estate or Succession Planning Attorneys as we need them. All share in creating a path forward that includes your best chance at achieving your goals.

  • Your Financial Blueprint

    The blueprint for your financial house is an easy-to-read, chronological narrative for your future. It includes the milestones you need to create on the way to your ultimate goals, as well as important dates and years for more personal planning. The plan’s more technical specifications are designed with an imperative to give you the greatest chance of achieving success with the lowest risk attached to it. Best of all, we do it with your values squarely at the center.

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Once we have a plan in place, we’re engaged to get the results you’re looking for.

Extra Specialized Services Address the Intricacies of Your Particular Goals

  • Action Meetings

    Plans that sit on the shelf are useless. More so if they happen to be stored in a faux leather binder.
    Your family’s plan will come alive with action meetings three times each year. Whether we’re tackling estate planning or retirement savings, we’ll always report to you about your wealth and your progress. Most importantly, we’ll decide what needs to be done to stay on course and what LifeStream’s™ next steps are to help you accomplish this. We’re here to keep your financial house together for the rest of your life.

  • Business Expansion, Acquisition and Succession

    Stuck in your current business and need a consultant? We’ve got them. Looking to acquire the next venture in your journey of serial entrepreneurship? We have access to a variety of non-bank lenders. Need a plan to protect your loved ones who aren’t directly involved in your business? Need a succession plan? We’re here to help with that also. We’re a Family Office.

  • Tax Action

    It’s as certain as anything is, and it happens at least every year. You need to have the right documents in the right place and categories. If this is a challenge for you, we can help. If you’re already getting the paperwork in order, we will consult with your CPA for long term tax strategies that allow you to pay your fair share, but not more than that.

  • Asset Allocation and Investment

    If you hold your wealth in the stock market, we’ll use nationally renowned experts and state of the art methods to model the best ways to grow and protect your nest egg.
    Everyone involved in the process has years of hands on experience with portfolio management and safety.

  • Income and Cash Management

    The Plan will show you what you need and how to get there, but Blue Leaf technology will show you where everything is. Need to handle debt? We’ll have an expert show you how to get rid of it or how to use it wisely to accomplish what you want it to.

  • Trust and Protection

    If you have it made, or even if you haven’t yet, why risk everything? We’ll keep an eye out to be sure you have covered as much risk as you’re comfortable with and that your assets are placed as safely as you want them to be. We’ll keep up with the changes you need to adapt to.

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We’ve designed a relationship that puts client’s interests first in all matters, without compromise. We’ve eliminated conflicts inherent in traditional commission compensation. Our mission is to serve families instead of sell to them.

What’s it like to have a Family Officer helping you achieve your goals?

Clarity, Ease and Relief are a few words that come to mind.

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