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    CLICK HERE to find some time for us to get acquainted and for me to answer any questions I can. If you have any information you can send by email so that I can make the time more valuable for you, please get that to me before our appointment. You can find contact information on the ABOUT US page.

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    CLICK HERE to schedule a convenient time for us to talk. Feel free to let me know about anything specific that you have in mind, so that I can best prepare for our call. If you have a personalized call link from an earlier email, use that one. It will give you access to even more time slots.

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    CLICK HERE to arrange for us to sit down together, face to face. We can meet at the West conference room, or your favorite Starbucks or Bread Company.

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    CLICK HERE If you’re a portfolio manager, an attorney, a CPA, financial professional or allied care professional, I’m happy to make time to talk. Please connect with me on LinkedIn after you make this appointment, so we can become acquainted more quickly.

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    CLICK HERE If someone in your life has had an emergency or you need to make an important decision very soon, CLICK HERE

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