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Busy professionals

Busy professionals

Physicians and Attorneys went to school to practice their craft, not run a business. Find out how LifeStream can take some of the burden off your shoulders, and get a CFO that reports on your progress to you directly, with the single minded purpose of helping you achieve your goals both personally and professionally. Interested in expanding your sole prop shop? We have access to consultants and mentors to help.

Owners and Executives

Owners and Executives

Once you’ve proven that your gem of an idea has legs, it’s time to expand. LifeStream can provide you with a virtual Board of Directors as well as non-bank funding, to put you on the road to realizing your dreams. If you're in an established company and need to consider your options, we can crunch the numbers with you before you make a big move.

Baby Boomers and Grandparents

Baby Boomers and Grandparents

Retirement lasts for decades and you're likely to live longer than you expect. It's one thing to have wealth and another to have enough wealth. We can show you how to be more certain of each. Holistic planning puts you in control of more than your money, to really make this time in your life a new and exciting chapter. And beyond that? If you wonder if your children or grandchildren will have the same opportunities you had, you may want to plan to provide a safety net for them, just in case things take an unexpected turn.

Stewards of family trusts

Stewards of family trusts

If you're in charge of family wealth, the responsibility can be a burden. And traditional trust service companies may be very expensive and impersonal. LifeStream can help you develop a family oriented solution that balances risk and required return. We'll help you make the prudent decisions that your trust demands.

First gen wealth creators

First gen wealth creators

Most families on the verge of true affluence started with nothing and made something out of it. The trouble is that you may not have had guidance for the issues that you face as you move beyond typical middle class concerns. Take advantage of a team that has been there before you, and will help you with the journey.

Sandwich generation families

Sandwich generation families

We're all concerned about our kids and their future, given the state of things across the globe. Add to that the burden of caring for your parents as they need more and more time, and the stresses can be devastating. Our staff is experienced in determining care alternatives for your senior loved ones as well as finding ways for families to afford the best care they can. We can help you arrange for your parents to enjoy those "Golden Years" and live with grace and dignity.

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Money Sherpa Services

There are hundreds of financial decisions that you need to make between here and where you want to be. We'll help you make the smart ones, and save you hundreds of hours in the process.

Protecting Family

We can help you find the right care for a senior loved one or make sure your spouse is safe and secure when you pass away. Whether it's caring for senior loved ones, caring for your own spouse or for your own security against financial predators, we'll put a procedure in place to stop bad actors in their tracks.

The LifeSource ™ Conversation

The LifeSource™ Conversation is a transformative experience that aligns your values, your dreams, and your present reality in order to point you in the right direction for the future. It's your present and future all on one page.

Caring for others

Your spouse, your kids, your parents… these are the important people in your life. Caring for them when you're here and when you're not is one of the most important things you can do.

Business strategies

Businesses that start small don’t need to stay that way. Your Family Office can help with the executive decisions that will expand your business.

Tax action plan

Let's work with your CPA or tax professional to minimize your tax liabilities each year. Retain more of your income and capital gains. Direct your money to achieving your own goals.

Smart cash flow

Once you establish adequate cash reserves for unexpected financial issues, we'll create a debt elimination plan. We even provide major purchase assistance.

Asset protection

We'll help you create a multi faceted asset protection plan so to make you highly unattractive to potential plaintiffs. Over one third of Americans have a retirement plan that includes suing someone in order to achieve it.

Benefits maximization

Need help considering your company stock options or the best strategy to claim Social Security? We're going to sharpen the pencil and help you choose wisely. We're there for you.

College affordability

The best college planning may have less to do with investments and everything to do with guiding your child in the right direction. With the right tools, a young person can go to college to pursue an education, rather than find a job.

Concierge services

Help with travel arrangements, caring for senior parents or buying that dream vacation home you've always wanted. We have a nationwide network to assist you.

Estate planning

You don't want to burden your kids. We'll show you a painless plan to pass your estate when, how, and to whom you want. With minimal burden on your heirs.

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